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Our Pre-School Yoga

Yoga and mindfulness exercises are increasingly being used as calming techniques for children. Some children need support to find calmness, either because they need guidance with their emotions or are being very overactive. The movement and breathing exercises in yoga encourage slowing down but also for concentration, which can help bring some calmness to children.

Over the past year we have introduced Yoga as a part of our routine at Pre-School.  Ann has planned weekly yoga sessions which include;

* Simple hand exercises which help build fine motor skills, as well as giving children a focus.

* Passing objects to each other, for example bells and trying to keep them silent, moving them slowly.

* Simple yoga poses; which allow children to follow instructions, along with developing their gross motor skills.

* Breathing exercises; laying down with hands on their tummies, feeling their tummy rise and fall, recognising their breath. many more activities which we are developing over time, depending on the age and stage of our children.  

Ann's yoga sessions have proven hugely successful; many families have shared their experiences of their children doing yoga at home, sharing what they have experienced at Pre-School. Our children speak positively about their Yoga sessions, looking forward to what we have planned next!


Ann's Bees:

Ann's Quiet Time:

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With the newly reformed Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, which came into effect from September 2021, it now has a new goal of Self-Regulation.  Our Yoga sessions support this area of every child's development; teaching them to begin to regulate their behaviour accordingly, set and work towards simple goals, being able to wait for what they want and control their immediate impulses when appropriate, and to give focused attention to what is being asked of them and follow instructions. 

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