About Us


Christine Walker and Brenda Budden established Sunningdale Playgroup (as it was then called) in July 1969.  It was started to help serve the Pre-School needs of our children in the village of Sunningdale.


In October 1992, our Pre-School became a charity and was bought for a nominal fee by a dedicated group of mums who formed a committee.  Sunningdale Pre-School has operated very professionally under this structure and we adhere strictly to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.  We are registered with the Pre-School Learning Alliance (The Alliance) which is a national education charity dedicated to the care of children under 5 years old.  In 1993 The Alliance launched an Accreditation Scheme, attempting to bring all Playgroups/Pre-Schools up to a similar standard of staffing, facilities and curriculum.  In 1995 Sunningdale Pre-school attained is Accreditation Certificate.


Since Ofsted has been inspecting Pre-School we had received GOOD ratings.  In October 2018 we received an OUTSTANDING rating, of which we are hugely proud of.  A copy of the report is available on Ofsted website.


We aim to provide quality care and play in a safe, stimulating and caring environment.  We are a NUT FREE Pre-School.

To offer a broad based curriculum as laid down by the Department for children, schools and families (Dcsf). This is learning through play and based on the Early Years Foundation Stage which is made up of personal, social and emotional development, language and communication development, mathematical, literacy, expressive arts and design, physical and understanding of the world. This curriculum is in place from the start of Pre-School through to the end of Primary school reception stage.

  • To foster the self-esteem of the children allowing them to develop independence and decision making at their own pace.


  • To encourage respect of the environment, (other people’s and our own) property, animals and each other.


  • To help children grow physically, emotionally and intellectually through the play activities with the care and support of the staff.


  • To help children develop good social skills, promoting good standards of behaviour, manners, effective communication and encouragement of sharing.


  • To foster a love of learning and an enquiring mind.


  • To communicate with and involve parents/carers in our Pre-School life.